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is a beautiful port city with population of 1.5 million in the Kansai Region of Japan. It was a capital of Japan for a very short period (around 1,180 AD), and so you can enjoy both old and modern parts of Kobe. It is famous for Kobe beef and Sake (of Nada Area).


Although Kobe has a small airport (Kobe Airport - offering flights from 10 cities in Japan), it is more convenient to use the Kansai International Airport, the nearest major international airport from Kobe. If you ride a high-speed ferry, you can reach Kobe in 30 minutes from the Kansai International Airport. Tokyo is about one-hour away by plane, and it takes Shinkansen, or bullet train, about 2 hours and 45 minutes to go from Tokyo Station to Shin-Kobe Station.


The summer in Kobe is very hot and humid. But staying in the buildings with air conditioning is comfortable. You could enjoy visiting the Rokko Mountain Range or Suma Beach nearby to cool off.


There are three hotels in the 3 to 5-star range within a 5 minutes-walk of the conference venue. Combined they offer almost 1,250 rooms. In downtown Kobe (10-20 minutes from the Conference Venue) there are 8,000 rooms spread over 50 hotels.

Hotels in the immediate vicinity of the Conference Venue

Hotels in downtown Kobe

Budget hotels in downtown Kobe

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Note: Room rates may change by 2023.


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Downtown Kobe

Post Conference Activities

Kobe is very close to Osaka, Nara, and Kyoto, three major tourist places in the Kansai Region. From Sannomiya Railway Station in Kobe, it takes a local train about 30 minutes to Osaka, about 80 minutes to Nara, and about 80 minutes to Kyoto. It is recommended to visit at least one of the three cities after the Conference.

A day trip from Kobe to Himeji is also a possibility. It takes a local train about 30 minutes to go from Kobe to Himeji. The City has a beautiful original Samurai Castle.